Water soluble material for support filament

Your printing can be raised to a higher level.
Easy and fast removal in cold water.
It can be used for different polymers due to the wide processing window.


  • 3D printing filament for technical or basic 3D printing

  • Printing properties
    - low warping, low odour, strong interlayer adhesion, wide processing window for easy working with different materials

  • Use in for support parts
    - adhesion to ASA, CPE, Nylon, Flexfill, smooth interface, fast removal

  • Mechanical properties
    - durability, toughness

  • Lower moisture adsorption than PVA

  • Environmentally friendly material
    - non-toxic, water with dissolved material may be poured into a drain

Printing information

  • Printing temperature: 200–255 °C

  • Bed temperature: 50–90 °C

Follow the settings recommended for the main printing material. Option of multi-material 3D printing. A dual extruder 3D printer is recommended for use with Nylon and Flexfill filaments.

Use Magigoo or glue to strengthen bed adhesion!

Technical data sheet

bvoh (1).jpg

Easy and fast

BVOH | PVA filaments*

  • Print temperature
    200–255 °C | 195–225 °C

  • Hot pad
    50–90 °C | < 60 °C

  • Adhesion
    high | limited

  • Dissolution in water
    at room temperature until 1 hour | higher temperature > 6 hours

*publicly accessible information from other producers