3D printing filament made from modified PETG material

Additional monomer improves all the properties when compared with PETG filaments.
Technical material with excellent properties that can be easily printed!
Compared with PETG filament, Fillamentum CPE HG100 provides better properties in all respects.

You can rely on the high quality of your printed objects!


  • Guarantee of high quality printed objects with excellent functional properties

  • High-tech material for 3D printing
    - durable, tough, long life of material

  • Excellent printing properties
    - strong interlayer adhesion, easy printing as PLA, no odour, low warping

  • Option to prime & paint

  • Optimal transparency in the thin layer
    - high transmittance in transparent colours

  • Safe for food contact applications
    - can be used in contact with food up to 100 °C

  • Environmentally friendly material
    - recyclable, bio-based, BPA free, styrene free

Printing information

  • Printing temperature: 255–275 °C

  • Bed temperature: 70–85 °C

Highly moisture sensitive, keep in the protective sachet.
Always use Magigoo for ideal bed adhesion! The excellent adhesion to other materials, plastics, composites and glass means it can damage your bed without adhesive.
If stringing occurs, re-dry the filament.

Color variants


Reasons for perfection


  • Impact resistance
    no break | 98–126 J/m

  • Tensile strength
    48 MPa/150 % | 26–45 MPa/58–110 %

  • Hardness
    115 R-Scale | 108 R-Scale

  • Heat resistance (HDT)
    80 °C | 70 °C

  • Chemical resistance
    good | poor

*publicly accessible information from other producers