HIPS Extrafill


High impact polystyrene filament for printing support parts.Endless printing options!

Easily removable by dissolving in Lemonesol.
The wide processing window means it can be used for all the materials from Fillamentum Industrial.


  • Reliability of the high-quality 3D printing filament
    - matt finish used for support parts and functional objects

  • Strong printing properties
    - lower warping, less odour than ABS and ASA, strong interlayer adhesion

  • Printing of supports
    - adhesion to other materials, smooth interface, fast removal

  • Mechanical properties
    - flexural strength, impact resistance, resilience

  • Option to paint & grind

  • Low density

  • Safe for food contact and toy applications

  • Electrical properties
    - dielectric strength, surface & volume resistivity

  • Low moisture and water adsorption

  • RoHS compliant
    - safe use in electrical and electronic equipment

  • Environmentally friendly material
    - recyclable, non-toxic, BPA free, lower styrene emission

Printing information

  • Printing temperature: 230–250 °C

  • Bed temperature: 90–105 °C

The chemical structure of styrene plastics means that warping may occur when used with large objects.
Use Magigoo or 3Dlac to strengthen bed adhesion!

Technical data sheet


See the multifunctionality

HIPS Extrafill | Nylon FX256

  • Tensile modulus
    2000 MPa | 1400 MPa

  • Dielectric strength
    155 kV/mm | 27 kV/mm

  • Impact resistance

  • 17 kJ/m2 (notched) | 7 kJ/m2 (notched)

  • Heat resistance (HDT)
    85 °C (1,8 MPa) | 50 °C (1,8 MPa)