Nylon CF15 Carbon


Carbon fibre reinforced Nylon FX256 filament.

Strong, smooth & resistant.
Wide temperature range, chemically and mechanically resistant.
The material retains its properties under a wide range of temperatures.


  • 3D printed object with excellent functional properties
    - change of properties versus Nylon FX256

  • Printing properties
    - strong interlayer adhesion, smooth surface, higher process stability

  • Mechanical properties
    - improved tensile strength and hardness, wear and abrasion resistance

  • Heat resistance
    - similar to Nylon FX256, improved HDT

  • Low density

  • Impact resistance
    - lower resilience because of fibres

  • Chemical resistance
    - similar when compared with Nylon FX256 (carbon fibres are chemical resistant)

  • Environmentally friendly material
    - recyclable, BPA free, styrene free

Printing information

  • Printing temperature: 235–260 °C

  • Bed temperature: 80–105 °C.

Due to the crystallinity, warping may occur during cooling.
Use a glue stick for ideal bed adhesion.

Technical data sheet

Nylon CF15 Carbon

Changes in values

Nylon CF15 Carbon | Nylon FX256

  • Tensile strength
    54,5 MPa/103 % | 45 MPa/50 %

  • Hardness
    75 Shore D | lower hardness

  • Charpy impact resistance
    86,2 kJ/m2 (unnotched) | 7 kJ/m2 (notched)

  • Printing properties
    more stable | need of proper melt

  • Wear resistance
    very high | high