Nylon FX256


High-tech filament made from polyamide 12

Excellent functional properties for the most resistant prints.
The material retains its properties under a wide range of temperatures.
Unmatched chemical resistance, even at elevated temperatures.
Guarantees the high-quality of printed objects.


  • High functionality of the 3D printed object

    - special properties, long life of the material

  • Printing properties
    - strong interlayer adhesion, no odour

  • Mechanical properties
    - durable, tough, crystalline, but resilient in the thinner layer

  • Low density

  • Impact resistance
    - notched impact strength is the same at 23 and -40 °C

  • Chemical resistance
    - withstands hydrolysis, ionizing radiation, ozone, neutral and alkaline media

  • Moisture absorption
    - lower than in the case of polyamide 6

  • Safe for food contact applications
    - can be used in contact with food, hot water resistance

  • Environmentally friendly material
    - recyclable, bio-based, BPA free, styrene free

Printing information

  • Printing temperature: 235–260 °C

  • Bed temperature: 80–105 °C

  • Because of the crystallinity, it is recommended to set the speed of printing at 20 mm/s.

The filament needs to melt homogenously. The crystallization influences warping during cooling.

Use a glue stick for ideal bed adhesion.

Technical data sheet

Nylon FX256

Resistance in values

  • Tensile strength 45 MPa/50 %

  • Abrasion resistance 48 mm3

  • Heat resistance (Vicat) 140 °C

  • Chemical resistance - fuels, ketones, oils, salts, hydrocarbons, even at elevated temperatures